Houston, Texas


Reimagine organization name and visual identity for a system of Federally Qualified Health Centers providing family practice, women’s health, dental, and behavioral health services to immigrant communities in Houston’s East End.


Contextual research, naming focus groups, updated nomenclature system for organization and clinic locations, visual branding


  • The name ‘El Centro de Corazón’ has brand equity but there is a mis-perception that it is a cardiology clinic, not a community health organization
  • The organization provides such a vast array of services that patients are often unaware of all of the services available to them
  • Because the vast majority of patients are Spanish-speaking and the clinic staff is bilingual, it is important for the organization’s name to communicate in Spanish first



Focus Group

Conducted focus groups with patients, care providers, and administrative staff to discuss potential updates to the organization's name.


Visual Character Study

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1/21 Documentation of color, typography and signage in Houston's East End, as reference material for El Centro's updated visual identity


EC gardens 3 EC gardens 2 EC gardens 1
1/3 In addition to providing healthcare services, El Centro de Corazón leads broader community health efforts like these community gardens run by El Centro staff, volunteers, and local students.


EC research 1 EC research 2 EC research 3 EC research 4 EC research 5 EC research 6 EC research 7 EC research 8
1/8 Contextual research activities designed to gather information about patient, staff, and community perception


El Centro de Corazón's current branding and logo are inspired by this mosaic wall on Navigation Boulevard in Houston's East End.

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