Houston, TX
43,000 ft.² renovation


Design interior signage for a new 5,500-person entertainment venue in downtown Houston. For Live Nation in cooperation with OMA, Powers Brown, and Dot Dash.


Navigation planning, signage and graphic design



Supplemental Messaging

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1/5 Restroom identifications, directional messages, occupant load

Project Documentation

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Completed work for Live Nation with OMA, Dot Dash, and Harvey Builders

Fabricated and installed by GraphTec, Vann Sign & Light, and Innovative Environments

Photographs by Mickey Aloisio


Neon Mockup

Bent glass by Dan at True Colors Neon; special implements and installation by Charles at Vann Sign & Light
LN update 0315 LN update 03152 LN update 03153 LN update 03154 LN update 03155 LN update 03156 LN update 03157 LN update 03158
1/8 Produced for architectural mockup review

—custom tube supports, insulators, and wiring
—mirror blackout paint

🔗 True Colors Neon
🔗 Vann Sign and Light


Material Testing & Mockups

LN update 03012 LN update 0301
1/2 Early mockups
Testing vinyl visibility in darkness

Studying: Material Utility

Live nation club13
Live nation club12
Wall-mounted rubber signage, Ankali (Prague)
Live nation venue analysis berghain3 Live nation venue analysis berghain2 Live nation venue analysis berghain
1/3 Exit signage applied to raw concrete, Berghain (Berlin)

Studying: Light

Live nation club5
Wolfgang Tillmans, "Outside Snax Club," 2001

Exploring the use of light as a wayfinding mechanism in venue spaces. Light can be used (alongside or, oftentimes, instead of signage) to magnetize visitors to specific destinations; to create or reinforce desired paths of travel through a space; or to give sub-spaces unique visual tone. Light in the venue is also often defined by its dynamism, moving and changing in accordance with music.

Live nation club6 Live nation club7
1/2 Superstudio's Mach 2, Florence (1969)
Live nation club10 Live nation club9 Live nation club8
1/3 Ankali, Prague
Live nation club2 Live nation club Live nation studio54
1/3 Studio 54, New York (1977-1980)

Studying: The Theater

Live nation venue analysis images4 Live nation venue analysis images5 Live nation venue analysis images6 Live nation venue analysis images8 Live nation venue analysis images9 Live nation venue analysis images7
1/6 The Roman Collosseum; The Globe; 1940s movie house marquee; usher roles and gestural communication; cutaway view of Radio City Music Hall

Exploring how wayfinding and way-showing mechanisms have evolved in the theater.


Announcement of Work

FORMATION will design wayfinding and signage for a new music venue set to open in downtown Houston in 2021.