Houston, TX
300,000 ft.² renovation


Design a contextual organization system and environmental graphics for a unique and enduring office park in Houston's Energy Corridor.


Research assessment, signage audit, vehicular wayfinding signage design, pedestrian wayfinding signage design, monumental signage installation design at campus entrances/exits



  • Republic Square is a significant commercial campus in Houston’s energy corridor, situated next to Terry Hershey Park
  • The building was originally built as the headquarters of Exxon Mobil Chemical, and re-opened as a multi-tenant office building in early 2019 after sitting dormant for four years
  • The site retains many features of an intentionally private campus, with access control, limited entries, and significant setback from the road. This can make it feel unwelcoming and inscrutable to visitors
  • Dual frontage along I-10 and Memorial Drive with two different street addresses causes confusion about which entrance is the 'front door'
  • No public entrance on the Memorial Drive side of the building causes guests to frequently have to walk around the perimeter trying to find an operable door
  • Room numbering needs to be systematized so that guests can comprehend the building's scale and navigate efficiently



Focal Points

Site assets repsquare1 Site assets repsquare2 Site assets repsquare3 Site assets repsquare4 Site assets repsquare5 Site assets repsquare6 Site assets repsquare7 Site assets repsquare8
1/8 A selection of proposed treatments that attempt to create new points of focus around an expansive, forested campus with structures over and underground

Studying: Entry on Foot

Excerpt from "Louis Kahn: Silence and Light", a Michael Blackwood Production (1996)

Materiality + Place

Republic square materiality update2 Republic square materiality update4 Republic square materiality update3
1/3 Exploring form and material references from Houston's oil industry. Images via the Library of Congress.

Visual Character Study

Visual character2 Visual character3 Visual character7 Visual character Visual character6 Visual character4 Visual character9
1/7 Site details and atmosphere

Announcement of Work

Rs project update announcement3 Rs project update announcement Rs project update announcement2
1/3 FORMATION will design a campus-level wayfinding system and environmental graphics program for Republic Square, an adaptive reuse development of the former Exxon Chemical headquarters in Houston's Energy Corridor.